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ANARKY 2021 isolation + remote work

This virtual conference is on Treaty 7 Territory

ANARKY 2021: Isolation and Remote Work
ANARKY 2021: Isolation and Remote Work
The theme of this year’s conference is Isolation and Remote Work. Our focus is on interdisciplinary research from anthropology and archaeology that highlights the creative, innovative and sometimes frustrating aspects of isolation and remote work.
Mar 01, 2021, 12:00 a.m. MST – Mar 07, 2021, 11:59 p.m. MST


The Department of Anthropology and Archaeology at the University of Calgary invites submissions for the 2nd annual ANARKY Student Conference. ANARKY intends to provide an accessible platform for student research, as well as opportunities for students to network, and learn about future work and research opportunities. Join us for asynchronous video presentations, an interactive poster session, and panel and roundtable discussions. The ANARKY Conference will be hosted online during the week of March 1-7, 2021.


The theme of this year’s conference is Isolation and Remote Work. We once again remain committed to our goal of breaking boundaries and disrupting the norm. This year has thrown us for a loop, forcing many of us to work from home and find creative and innovative ways to adjust and continue our education and research. This year has similarly highlighted the urgent need for structural change. Although technology has allowed many of us to work remotely, access to technology is not universal. We welcome interdisciplinary submissions from anthropology and archaeology that highlight the creative, innovative and sometimes frustrating aspects of isolation and remote work. We also welcome submissions that challenge the status quo in other ways, including making research more accessible to a wider audience, and breaking down barriers of accessibility, including racial injustice and gender inequality.



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Monday, March 1-Thursday, March 4

Join us in our GatherTown conference space for fascinating asynchronous presentations, including interactive posters, short video presentations and Prezis.

Friday, March 5

Opening prayer with Evelyn Good Striker, followed by our plenary talk with Dr. Vivek Venkataraman

Seeking remoteness: Breakaway dynamics of Orang Asli in Malaysia, and a poster session reception on our Gather space.


Saturday, March 6

Synchronous presentations, followed by two panel discussions:

Climate change versus sustainability: thinking about human-environment relationships, and Disrupted and disruptive methodologies: storytelling, ethnography and turning existing data into a thesis during a pandemic

Sunday, March 7

On Sunday, we'll host a careers panel, Beyond academia: careers after anthropology and archaeology, followed by a career fair networking opportunity



Q: When is ANARKY 2021?

ANARKY 2021 will be held from March 1-7, 2021. We'll host asynchronous presentations during the week, and discussions and interactive events over the weekend. 

Q: Where will ANARKY 2021 take place?

For the 2nd annual ANARKY Student Conference, we're going digital! ANARKY 2021 will take place online. Register for the conference to stay up to date. 

Q: What platforms are being used to host the conference?

We will be using GatherTown to host the conference. Register today to stay up to date as more information becomes available.

Q: Can I present a poster that I've already presented at another conference?

Yes of course!

Q: What can I present at ANARKY 2021?

We welcome original research by undergraduate and graduate students, as well as literature reviews. If you wrote a literature review for one of your classes this year, you can present your findings at ANARKY 2021!

Q: Who can present and attend ANARKY 2021?

ANARKY 2021 is an online anthropology and archaeology student conference. We welcome undergraduate and graduate students from the four sub-fields of anthropology as presenters and attendees. We also welcome student presenters from other disciplines, including Classics, History and Geology, as long as they relate to anthropology and our theme of Isolation and Remote Work. 

Q: I'm an anthropology student, but I'm not a student at the University of Calgary. Can I still present and attend?

Yes! Part of our mission with this online conference is to make research accessible to students. We would love for you all to attend and present at ANARKY 2021!

Q: I love the illustrations on your page! Where did you find them?

Thank you, we love them too! Illustrations used on this website were retrieved from Anthro Illustrated


Get in Touch

For general inquiries about ANARKY 2021 or information about speakers, sponsors, and tickets, please get in touch today.

Thanks for submitting!



Our goal with this conference is to offer an accessible and inclusive space for students. We will be using Otter.AI for live transcriptions for our synchronous events over the weekend. If you require other accessibility features, please email us at


Thank you to our sponsors!

This student-focused conference would not be possible without your generous support!


Chacmool Archaeology Association

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